Friday, 14 December 2012

YGMM: The Hands That Crank Her Key

Infinitesimal by Mother Mother. 

"There's a million, billion, trillion stars, but I'm down here low, 
fussin' over scars on my soul, on my soul, on my soul..." 


During the nights where the dark side of the world is enchanted by stars peeking through holes in a pitch, black curtain, and dreams are held for all their blissful minutes; one apartment never sleeps. The hush of sighs and quiet murmurs of the asleep is disturbed by the pinprick beep of a pager. 

There’s an emergency and Chris is on-call, and although the other two roommates shouldn't be able to hear the rustles and soft footfalls of her wakening, they do. They’ll find her in the bathroom, splashing cold water onto her sleep stricken face to wake up. She’ll apologize for waking them up and she’ll tell them to go back to bed. They’ll ignore her, following her around the apartment as she scrambles to get dressed and find her bag, and finally to the door as she says a quick goodbye and apology before she leaves for the hospital. 

They never do go back to bed, instead they lounge in the living room. Jones will lay on the couch and Tristan will take up an armchair; both will stare at the clock, counting down the hours until she comes back. They worry, for her and for whoever is in need of her assistance, but usually for her. 

For someone who only turned twenty, she is in need of someone to worry about her. She may be a genius, and she may be amazing at her job, but she’s still twenty, and unlike them at her age, she has someone looking out for her. 

They wait for her to appear in the doorway, tired but smiling, and always with a disappointed shake of the head when she sees them awake. They’d laugh and smile around cups of coffee and she’ll tell them about what happened and how silly they are to wait for her. She would also fall asleep at the table right after she tells her story, not a missing drop of coffee in her cup. 

However, recently, Chris doesn't come back. They usually wait until daybreak for her, but when she doesn't appear, Jones grabs his coat and goes after her. Tristan has tried but always loses in the battle to bring her back, caving in when she ignores his wheedling and pleading to go home and sleep. Jones never fails. By the time he enters the hospital, he’s downright grumpy, and with a stern, icy glare and order of “That’s enough”, Chris will sigh and put down her clipboard and papers. 

Jones and Tristan make sure she’s in bed at six and Tristan always remembers to book Chris off for the next five hours so she can sleep. They have a system, from the first beep of the pager to the alarm of the city waking at sunrise. It’s their promise to help someone when they don’t know they need it.


I adore Mother Mother (check them out!), their lyrics are just heart-wrenchingly amazing!
My taste in music is questionable, hehe :P

This is just a snippet that, hopefully, explains the sort of relationship the trio have.

Btw, I sorta have a thing for threesomes. (Go ahead and figure that one out~!)



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