Wednesday, 5 December 2012


JournalWord: "People these days have a tendency to mistake crap for art."


He grits his teeth when her face blossoms into a smile. 

"Thank you, thank you, thank you," she cries out, lifting the canvas up over head to stare in awe at the portrait. Her cheeks have flushed to match the blush on the picture, and he hates to admit that it captures her glowing personality to a key. 

She releases a hand from the canvas to give Brandon a one-armed hug while juggling the heaviness of the canvas. Brandon helps her with a chuckle and grins when she pecks a kiss on his cheek, thanking him again for the present. She's almost trembling with excitement.

Damian glances at the bottle of expensive perfume sitting, neglected on the coffee table, remembering when she was raving about wanting it. That was a week ago and he can't wrap his head around why she isn't raving about it now instead of the painted picture. 

She disappears after she lets go of Brandon, running down the hall with the portrait tucked in her arms so the corners don't catch on the walls as she turns. She yells that she knows exactly where she's going to put it and Damian glowers.

Damian imagines his perfume placed on the vanity in the dressing room beside her bathroom, while Brandon's little painted sketch is perched on the wall of her bedroom, keeping watch over her as she sleeps.

"People these days have a tendency to mistake crap for art," He says smoothly between grit teeth, stuffing his hands into the pockets of his pants.

"You're flattering me," Brandon gushes, smiling victoriously at Damian before turning back to stare along with Damian at the hallway she just left. 

They can hear her squealing when she successfully puts the portrait up. 

He promises to paste pinecones together for her on Christmas. He scowls; then maybe she'll express the same joy.


I'm taking a momentary break from studying to post this. 
A little brain-break. 

Be good, 

Mera <3


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