Thursday, 23 May 2013

Fear of Happiness

JournalWord: These flowers have teeth.


The bouquet of flowers fly through the air in a heap of bright green hydrangeas and crisp white and yellow daisies. The dark blue ribbon wrapped and tied around the stalks flutters, like wings aching to take to the skies, as they soar towards the pitched, excited shrieks.

Her heart drops at the site, pooling close to her knees. Not now, she begs, trained to the spot in the center of the reaching arms and summer dresses. Please, she prays, watching, frozen, as the flutter of petals sail closer. 

Her eyes are wide when the flowers crush and crash into her forehead, bouncing off her gaping expression like a physical shield.

A soft noise of disappointment rings through the crowd of whining girls when a familiar hand catches the rejected bunch of posies. Her head snaps at the frown hidden under the forgiving smile and she catches him shaking his head. 

"It's our turn," he whispers, a promise, reaching for her clenched hands entangled into the fabric of her violet bridesmaid dress. 

The flowers are missing chunks of petals and the ribbon is loose when she is forced to hold the offending object. It's so cold in her sweating palm.


I'm on a wedding phase!
Although both post so far are far from conventional wedding ideas...

Hopefully these give your mind a little exercise :P 

Keep cheery!


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