Monday, 6 May 2013

Wow! I've been featured!!

I've been featured!

This is what the homepage has up of me! *hyperventilate* (and yes, I take crappy photos..)
My short story, Mistaken For A God, has been featured as Editor's Pick on the collaborative and creative fiction community, Protagonize!

Check out the story and my author profile (although I haven't actually spiced up my profile.. should probably get around to doing that)! 
What a load of motivation to continue writing! *Super SMILE!*

Check it out yourself (I dare you ;P) and thank you all for the support! 
Truly made my day :) 

I'll definitely get to cranking out awesome, enjoyable stories for ya'll! 
(Don't hesitate to comment :D)

With prettied boxes sent with love,
Mera! (Randomnese!)


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