Friday, 10 May 2013

Flower Crowns

JournalWord: Covered in flowers.


The children are silent.

The boy looks up from his lap to gaze at the girl across from him in the squashed patch they had made in the flower field. She's really pretty. Shoulder length blonde hair and cream skin. Her hazel eyes are sad. She's clutching brown teddy bear.

He turns away from the ragged stuffed animal squeezed between her fingers, blowing his dark hair out of his face and remembers what his mother reminded him earlier.

They can see the house just around the hill but his mother stops him by placing her hand gently on his mop of wavy hair. She bends down to his level and looks him in the eyes before speaking.

"You should know, Darren, that the girl you're going to meet is going to be a bit strange."

His mother pauses, scrunching her delicately shaped eyebrows for the right words.

"She's very hurt, sweetie. You have to remember that. She doesn't talk anymore," his mother gives him a smallsmile, 'But I think that you can make her happy.You can be her knight in shining armor."  

How sweet that sounds: to be a knight like one of the heroes in his stories!

He could save people just like his big brother.

It's decided then. He would save her from whatever dragons or wizards that wanted to harm her!

Peeking at her from the corner of his eye, he looks again at her sad form. First, he should make her happy.

Scanning the area for any enemies, he thinks of something for them to do, his eyes landing on the petals of a familiar white flower. He scrambles out of his spot in the field and runs off to search for more.

The girl looks up at his sudden movements and her gaze follows him running back to their spot with an armful of small white flowers tucked into every crevice of his arms. As soon as he sits down, he sets to work.

Curiously, she tries to see what he is doing, but is startled by his pleased grin. He hurriedly finishes up and stretches his arms out to present his gift.

Daisy chains.

"These are for you!"

She's surprised by the gift and gives him an expression of confusion, tweaking her head into angles to decipher what he means with the gift.

He picks up one of the chains and places it on her head. She blinks and fingers the daisies.

And then she laughs. A soft twinkling hymn that swirls in the fluttering breeze.

This wasn't what he expected.

She stands up, letting go of her bear so it topples onto the nest she had created from the tall grass and takes one of the chains in his hands and puts one on his head too.

And that's when he's presented by her angelic smile.

She looked so beautiful with her halo of daisies, but her smile is what defined her as an angel.

She looks down at him and grins. "Daisy!"

His eyebrows rise in amazement. She speaks!

"Daisy! Daisy! Daisy!" She chants, placing necklaces of daisies on both of them.

She pauses at his dumbfound expression, delivering another warm smile that lights up the viridian flecks in her hazel eyes.


And that's when he understands what she is intending. She is saying he is Daisy!

He frowns.

No way is he being named after a flower! Knights aren't named Daisy!

"I am not Daisy. My name is Darren." He huffs, arms crossing his chest in exasperation.

She frowns in confusion, her enchanting smile gone.

Why does it hurt when she doesn't smile? Why can't I look at her when she's like this?

"..Fine.." He sighs, defeated. "I'm Daisy."

Her smile returns and she claps excitedly, pushing more daisies towards him.



Something short and sweet as I attempt to organize myself in preparation of focusing on larger tasks at hand.

I've been extremely flabbergasted by the sheer motivation developed by all the support I've been getting to continue writing. Thank you all! You make my mini-mind world spin!

Keep bubbly!


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