Wednesday, 26 June 2013

All My Pretties

JournalWord: She likes to collect pretty things.


Stepping back from the teal box, she grins and claps her hands in front of herself enthusiastically. "My!" she exclaims,  surveying her work. "That shade of blue really pops out the green in your eyes. You look even more gorgeous than you did half an hour ago."

Her only reply is a series of muffles which she quickly shushes with a firm frown and wagging finger. "That is pure silk, my pretty angel, and it doesn't take well to saliva staining it's brilliance, so stop your sputtering or I'll have to replace that bow over your mouth."

She likes to keep pretty things in boxes, tucked into pastel and floral boxes, and wrapped in big, silky bows. She keeps gems, jewelry, tea cups with matching tea pots, daisies, roses, and anything else that takes her fancy.

Tightening a bow so the ribbons don't twist, she pets the blonde hair peeking through the lush material. Lifting the ornate lid for the box, and ignoring the squirming of her prize, she pats the lid over the box, sealing another precious joy away.

She likes to keep her pretty men in boxes, tucked into pastel and floral boxes, and wrapped in big, silky bows.


I'm keeping busy, that's for sure!
I'm attempting to crank out a chapter for a collaboration I'm working on at Protagonize, and right now, with my first priority being work, the progress is a bit slow.

So that means the posts here a tad bit slower than the project :l

I'm going to accomplish this! 

Keep bubbly! :D


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