Monday, 10 December 2012

Unleash Your Inner Artist

JournalWord: Drawing cats.


"Miss Tina! I drew a cat!" Jeffrey announces excitedly, swinging the scribbled mass of orange cat drawn on his sheet of paper, through the air above his feathered hair. He bounces from the plastic chair he sits on, the stitches on his body threatening to pop and unravel.

Tina detours from the hallway to enter the children's nursery, musing that the room is actually quite cheery for a room in a castle dungeon full of zombies, maniacal scientists, and a satanist. There is even a great number of normal toys, like trains and dolls strewn on the matted floor. Although the rubber ducky wallpaper is an eyesore. 

"What a lovely cat, Jeffrey," Tina praises, patting the zombie child's head and forcing him down into the seat. He calms down and stops his bouncing to brightly smile at her. Perfect, straight, gleaming white teeth will always be a mystery that the zombies in this household will never reveal. Tina claims that they're actually just stolen dentures from raids. 

"I drew you," Levi cuts in, shoving his picture into Tina's face.

"You drew me?" Tina asks, touched, taking the sketchbook from Levi's hand. She places a hand on her chest and blinks away astonished tears to look at the picture. "What a lovely picture of.. me picking my nose," she finishes flatly. 

She squints her eyes from behind her glasses in hopes that she's interpreting the portrait wrong, however, Levi's impeccable talent in drawing, clearly displays her right index finger plunging into her nostril with incredible detail and realistic texture. 

A glance at Levi's smirk is enough to conclude her suspicions that he really is just an evil brat. She flicks over to the next page to see if there are any better ones, and then she chokes.

"Levi, you can't draw that!" she hisses, looking around frantically. "I'm sure that was a very private moment between Lisa and George-"

Speak of the devil, George walks past them in the hallway, pausing to give Tina a suspicious look. She smiles at him around the mouthful of paper as George walks away with a raised eyebrow.

"Do pictures taste good, Miss Tina?"

Tina turns around at the inquiry and watches, dumbfounded, when Jeffrey starts to stuff his cat picture in his mouth expectantly.

Levi continues a drawing from a page in his sketchbook, accurately depicting a scene from one of Ishin's many questionable rituals that involved too many virgins that a nine year old boy should have witnessed.


Art and zombie children. I'm just silly, teehee!

My evil castle dungeon is growing! And yes, there are children (albeit zombies!) who live there. 

Drop a comment, please! 

Be good, 
Mera ;P


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