Friday, 21 December 2012

Through The Chest

JournalWord: Listening to a heart.


"You have a heartbeat?"

"You can hear it really well if you press your ear against her chest."

"You let him touch you?!"

"No, I didn't!"

"You promised that I could listen again."

"No, I did not." 

"That's not fair! I want to listen too!"

"Get off me! Let go-"

"I want to listen too. It's only fair."

"Wow. That's quite aggressive."

"Stop him! It's your fault that this is happening!"

"That looks fun. Can I join in?"



"Of course not! It's my turn!"

"How about I hold her down for you and then we can switch-"

"Hello! I've got a message for my pretty princess-what is the meaning of this?"



"Get your filthy hands off her!"

"Calm down. We were just trying to touch her chest."

"Well than, you deserve an execution!"

"That guy was doing it too."

"Hey! You sell-out!"

"I see. But you'll go first and then I'll kill him!"

"You guys, enough!"


A dialogue between 4 people. Could you follow?



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