Monday, 24 December 2012

Lesbian Bathroom Fiasco

JournalWord: Bathroom escapades. 


"You thought I was a lesbian?!"

A few steps ahead, Liam's foot skips on a stone and he almost lands headfirst into the pebble path. Boy, is she loud.

"Come on, THREE girls, one shower stall, funny noises.."

Liam's shoulders twitch in a suspicious way and he makes a quiet snorting noise.

 Chela wishes she can just die."I'm not a lesbian! They weren't even girls, it wa-"

Liam stops pretending not to listen to their conversation, looking over his shoulder and gives Chela a secretive smile. Chela turns away quickly, blushing at the memory.

"So when do I meet them? Do I know them?"

"No-no! Kallen's not ga-not a girl!"

"Kallen? Oh, my! I didn't know he was a cross dresser!"

Chela is at the brink of utter frustration. She stares earnestly at the back of Liam's head for some clarification, but is only given an amused smile and mischievous green eyes when he acknowledges her glare. The same expression he gave her when she caught him in the stall.

This is getting so out of her control!

"No! He's not a cross dresser. Lesbian. Thing?" she finishes helplessly. She grips her temples with her hands and shakes her head, cursing the boys for their sexual plots.

Allie blinks innocently. "Transsexual?"

"Yes-no! He's not! He's one hundred percent man. He-they were just-it was their idea of fun. Dressing up as girls. In the shower. With me.."

Allie claps her hands excitedly, eyes bright. "Oooh! Things totally make sense now!" 

Chela exhales a huge sigh of relief. Finally! She would really like to bite off both their heads right now and bury them in a deep, smelly hole.

And just when the torture wasn't enough as it was..

"By the way, who was the other person?"


And Liam just can't hold back the laughter. Wait until he tells Kallen their plan proved to be exceptionally successful.


I've a mind in the Random Gutter. And I'm drowning.


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