Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Fool's Paradise (Prologue)

This is the prologue to a story I've been thinking about. Take a read and tell me what you think. 
The synopsis is at the end of this post.


Fool's Paradise: Prologue

Waves rock against the hover-jet and, disoriented, I push myself up into my seat. My head starts to pound in my skull when my sluggish fingers scrape for the seat belt. I almost fall out of my seat when the latch releases, and it's struggle to stand as everything is spinning. 

I grab hold of a seat as I drag my feet into the aisle, kicking plastic cups and dishes and stepping into the spilled food. Sparks sputter from one of the control boards at someone's tray, but otherwise all the circuit are dark. There are other people around me, some still in seats and some laying in my way. I can't focus on them for very long before my head pulses painfully and all I want is to go towards the light.

The familiar humming of circuits and fans are gone. I can hear the waves crash against the metal of the hover-jet's shell and I have to right myself so I don't fall on someone. They'll get up too, I reason as I step over the person, ignoring the bright puddles around them and the detached limb peeking from under a seat. 

The light is so close and I can smell the salt now. My vision is clearing as my light seeps into the compartment. The end of the aisle leads to the jagged edge where the jet split in half from the impact into the beach. I attempt to jump down onto the sand, but it's more of a fall. 

Lifting my head from the sand, I vaguely hear someone's sharp cry; for help or for God, I don't know. My fingers sink into the sand as I crawl from the metal beast, the grittiness of the sand scratching the cuts on my legs and arms. 

It's so hot and all I want to do is sleep. I'm sure the sleep will get rid of this headache. I'm sure if I sleep I'll wake up from this nightmare. 

So I let my eyelids fall and the light blink out.



A private hover-jet crashes and the people, students from an elite private school, become stranded on an island without any technological means. Maria is left to survive with people she has never met nor care about her. She quickly learns that surviving with these people is as dangerous as the jungle they are in. A boy, one of the passengers, who she learns to be quite strange, saves her from the group and they attempt to survive the trials before they are rescued.


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