Thursday, 6 December 2012

Basic Logic

JournalWord: Duodenum.


Some time later, Varence is casually walking down the stairs when he slips on a large puddle of blood.

He lands on the floor with a thud and finds himself face-to-face with someone's patella. He turns his head slightly to the left and regards an adrenal gland a few feet away. Beyond that, a kidney in another puddle of blood.

He notes that he is short on kidneys this month and straightens to pocket the kidney. Following the bloody trail of body parts, in search of the kidney's mate, he peers around a corner in the winding hallway.

A heavily bruised and bitten, but triumphant woman cackles as she swings something knobby and purple in the air above her head. Nori sprays droplets of blood onto the walls around her but doesn't take notice, as she's also soaked in drying blood.

"What is this called, Ishin?" Nori haughtily asks, wagging the purple body part in front of a lump on the floor.

"Duodenum," Ishin's severed head answers, sulkily.

"And this," Nori picks up something that is unmistakably Ishin's spleen. "How many of these are there?"


"So if Ishin has one spleen, and Nori takes it away, how many spleens does Ishin have?" She smirks and raises an eyebrow, tossing the spleen into the air to catch it in her palm.


"And if Nori has a spleen, and Ishin tries to take it away, how many spleens does Ishin have?"

"No fucking spleens," Ishin bites out, but hesitates at her menacing glare. "Ma'am."

If Varence had not long ago replaced his own heart, he might have felt a tiny flutter in his chest.

I like my little horde of zombies >.<!!

A little blood and gore can't hurt anyone, although I still can't stomach or watch horror films... So many conundrums! :D

Be good, 


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