Tuesday, 18 December 2012

With Minor Differences

JournalWord: A Tuesday wedding.


She is humming under her breath as she looks indifferently at her nails. She picks at the flaking edge of her nail and sighs, trying to remember where she buried the polish in her room.

"Do you want to get married?" he asks, his voice deceptively bored-as if he is talking about the weather.
Her mouth pops open into thought as her eyes meet his. His eyebrows slowly rise for an answer.

"Like, in general, or 'Hey Alice, wanna get married?'" she asks flippantly. A leg crosses over the other and she starts to rearrange her mini-skirt over her thighs.

He pauses to think about it. "Hey Alice, wanna get married?"

She laughs and has to forcefully stop herself when she sees hurt in his eyes. She coughs uncomfortably and turns away. "I'm working all week," she finally says. He feels his stomach knot up before he catches the shyness in her soft blush he's missed in the years they've been together. "But I'm free Tuesday."

He takes a moment to process the information and nods. "I'll pick you up at seven."

"No," she says, smiling, "you'll pick me up at four. That was the lousiest proposal ever. The least you can do is take me out to dinner afterwards."

He sighs, but returns the smile. "Fine."


Doomsday is coming up~!
I've got a thing for the Apocalypse so I'm all for Doomsday (although I kinda know it might not happen...).



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