Monday, 26 November 2012

YGMM: A Moment of Her Time


I shrug off my lab coat and drop it onto a hook as I walk into my new office. I walk toward the large desk, tucking the door closed behind me as I locate a brand new chair, graciously falling into the over-sized cushions behind the desk. Laying my head back, I take notes on what I have done today, tallying up meetings and tours and the countless introductions to the rest of the medical staff in the Cardiac department. 

I glance at the pile of papers on my desk, sectioned into folders. Some are light and sparse with a couple sheets of paper paper-clipped to the cover of the folder. When I was first handed the stack of folders, after a round of meetings and introductions with the other surgeons, Audrey had to snap the male nurse from his star-struck stupor with a bark to return to his rounds. He had quickly let go of my hand and the folders, fleeing down the hall before I could thank him. 

Audrey Jarvis, the head of the Cardiac department, beamed and personally took me on a tour of the hospital, gushing about the honor of having me on her team and the such. I wasn't very interested in her flattery, but her concern for my well being in the hospital was touching. She scowled when the nurses aimed to flock me and barked at the occasional newscaster that roamed the halls in hopes of interviewing me on my first day.     

I reach for one of the particularly large folders. The flimsy folder is overflowing with sheets and graphs, held together with large clips and a couple rubber bands for ensured safety. I weigh the book of papers in my hands, the hint of a smile gracing my lips as I wonder about the story the papers will unveil about the patient.

I will meet my patients in the coming weeks so I vow to read and memorize everything about them tonight so I'll be prepared for their surgery prep. Placing the folder back onto the pile on my desk, I stretch for my messenger bag, carefully packing the folders into the bag so all seven folders of varying thickness fit.

I've spent over eight hours in the hospital, spending most of the time with Audrey in her office, where she hides me away from the eyes of the rest of the hospital and following her to meetings. I suppose she has taken it upon herself to protect me, ignoring my protests, and treating me like one of her three children.

It's frustrating to be judged by your age. I sigh and tuck a lock of my black hair behind my ear as I zip up my bag. Straightening, I conclude it could be worst. I could be surrounded by the media and fanatics. Shaking my head, I respite the concept of my fame, I mean, it was not my intention to be a great, young cardiac surgeon. I'm just doing my job, one that I really enjoy without the hassle of fame.

Regarding the scene outside, down below on the streets and the descending sun, I assume I should be leaving now. Home, I hesitate, taking a moment to dwell on what is waiting at the apartment. 

Tristan and Jones. Should I have agreed to the living arrangement? Thinking it over once again, I conclude it should fit fine, especially if I am going to be on call and at the hospital for most of my time. I'm sure I won't be part of their lives. We'll pass by each other, I mean, I'm not someone that they'll want to associate with. Jones' cold behavior is testament to the attitude he wishes to set for the arrangement.

With that in mind and set plan to go to the apartment and indulge in the medical history of my first patients at this hospital, I hoist my bag onto my shoulder and start out the door, pausing momentarily to lock the door before heading to the apartment with the intention to disregard my roommates as they seem to want to do to me.


Just a filler of some sort. A little bit into the mind of Chris. It'll all make sense eventually.
This is a dynamic relationship that grows along with the characters, so I'm afraid it is a bit dry right now. I've been dreading the beginning of this story for years now, always opting for the juicy, fun bits instead. Just gotta get through this!


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