Saturday, 17 November 2012

I could totally write this.

In the early rays of morning, and the late wakes of night. After a night of browsing the internet and not a 
wink of sleep, a bright spark of interest for entering contests takes over her last shred of mental capacity and blinks into a haze. 
So, for an hour and a half before she is knocked out cold by exhaustion, she enters online contests, clicking 
links and filling out entries in a blind haze. 

Yes, welcome to my life of giveaway and contest obsessions. This is actually usually how I spend my evenings and extra time when I can't find my sleep monster anywhere.

So, I'm going to compile a list of the such I would absolutely dream of winning:

Butlers. (Who doesn't?!)
Jewellery. (Love the shiny!)
Pens. (To write with.)
Books. (To write on with.)
Cars. (They're shiny, too! And jets! I need to invest in an airplane one day.)
Watches. (Shiny.)
Clothes. (Gotta look fetching!)
Hats. (They're silly.)
Money. (Moooooola!)
Spa treatments. (Pampering is a pleasure.)
Makeup. (I'm addicted to it.)
Vacations. (Everone could use one, or a few..)
Food. (I like food.)
Electronic lover. (Y'know, like from Absolute Boyfriend, the manga)

Can't think of anymore, too tired.
What am I missing?
I want to know, I really, really, do.
So tell me.
Good night!
(Or good morning! Or good afternoon!)


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