Thursday, 29 November 2012

BTF: Awake and In Thought

I'm taking a break before I properly dry my hair and stuff my long-forgotten purse with necessities.
A girls day at the mall with some pretty amazing gals. It's strange that now that exams are here in a week, my schedule has been packed with get-togethers with friends and shopping trips.

I'm just taking a moment to finally realize that I'm a big girl now. I mean, I've been 19 since October but the finality of growing up hasn't really settled in (probably because I'm still tied to the tight leash held by my parents...). This is my moment to find myself and experience everything :)

This time, last year, I was a mess. I carried on my mess for two semesters of university, dwelling on it throughout my summer and only confronting my depression a couple weeks before I started university again the following fall. It took a lot of convincing from others (I love you all for your support!) and the push of bravery from myself, to realize that I need to do things at my own pace and find something I truly enjoy. 

It seems simple and obvious, but sometimes the most obvious can easily slip from under your nose and leave you feeling stranded. I was fortunate to have my friends catch what I missed, and I'm truly grateful for their concern. 

And with their same support and concerns, I was advised to take up something to relieve the stress I had built up over the last year with my struggles and loneliness. And that's when I remembered that I liked to write (though I am a bit rusty at times now), so this blog was born. 

All of you who pass through this blog as a fleeting visitor; I adore you for the time to dwell a moment into my fictional mind (that will expand, probably for the greater bad.. teehee!). 

Fans don't come easy, I understand. I'll still attempt to woo you all (I'm learning how to ;) yeah, I'm a socially awkward beast)!

Ah, my attempts at wooing... I used the skills I learned from a book (I borrow strange 'how-to's' from the library. They don't question me about it anymore) and after a successful flirting session, I had managed a number, a free pair of shoelaces (yeah.. my brothers were extremely happy though!), and a thorough seminar in longboards (he works at West49). I still have to work on the exit though because he wouldn't let me leave as he talked on and on, and showed off his skills. 

I'm trying to be human, I swear!

Anyways, thank you for reading! I can't tell you all how much I appreciate the traffic :) 

I'll be posting a story of some sort later this evening, just gotta decide whether it'll be another JournalWord (I've got quite a few of those now), a list (haven't done on in a while), or a continuation of You've Got Male Models (do you wanna know what Chris comes home to? ;P). 

Drop me a hint of what you'd like :)


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