Thursday, 29 November 2012

Kinky Games

JournalWord: "Are kinky games like Twister?"


"What are kinky games, Mr. Luke?" Ruben pipes up from his mess of newspapers. He is constructing a series of piles from the shredded newspaper scrapings on a mangy rug. He smiles expectantly up at the man hidden behind the economy section.

Luke chokes on his saliva and lowers the newspaper to patiently reply. "They aren't very fun to play," Luke says, hiding behind the section of paper and hoping that his answer will be enough to soothe the curiosities of the child.

His hopes are denied, though when Ruben's high pitched voice interrupts again.

"Are they like Hungry, Hungry, Hippos?"

"No, Ruben."

"Are they like Duck, Duck, Goose?"

"No, Ruben."

"Are they like Twister?"

"No, Ruben, they are not-" Luke pauses, lowering his paper slightly to contemplate. "Well, perhaps just a little," he concludes, dropping the section onto the floor for Ruben to tear apart and picking up the business section.

"I like playing Twister, Mr. Luke," Ruben says, and Luke attempts to block out the annoying high pitched voice, humming to seem like he is listening. "Can we play kinky games later?"

Luke hums without acknowledgement, unconcerned when Ruben shouts in excitement and runs up to the game closet, excitement bubbling as he yells that he's going to be "playing kinky games with Mr. Luke".


Yeah, my comedy lies in perversion. I like being naughty ;)
I'm not going to stay PG, as there will be hints (and bluntly stated) innuendos and inclinations to sex (like kinky stuff, fetishes, and threesomes). 
Just a warning in the future.
I'm an adult so my writing will be adult, as well.


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