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You've Got Male Models (YGMM) Universe

A few years ago, I made up a trio of characters that I centered my stories on, focusing on their developing relationship, and now these characters have somehow become part of my life. They have become little figments that stick at the corners of my mind, pestering me constantly with what they would be doing. They've become a hit with my friends for some reason or another, and are my primary source of inspiration as were conjured up from the mind of an antisocial teenage girl.
I cringe when I look back and read some of the ridiculous plots I managed to put them in (though I haven't completely lost the ridiculousness. It just...matured?).

Well, I suppose I'll introduce them to you.

My central character is named Chris Cahill. She is highly analytic and logical, which is perfect for her job as a cardiac surgeon. Chris is fairly young, only around 20 (I changed her age a lot before. Gotta figure out how old she should be though so everything fits), and is quite famous in the medical world as a prodigy in the medical world for her outstanding work and young age. Chris's past is revealed as she meets others, especially from characters from her past. The story of You've Got Male Models (YGMM) starts with Chris moving away from her parents to live alone, only when she arrives at the apartment she was hoping to live in as an independent, she realizes the apartment has also been rented out to a couple of guys (that is one love-struck landlord, "She'll fall in love with one of you and it'll be romantic!"). She refuses to leave the apartment to them after all the effort she took to finding it.

Now, the boys. Tristan (Tris) Kayle and Jones (Jonesy) Sedlack. They met as teenagers in the foster system (I have the story of the beginning of their camaraderie, I may or may not post) and are aiming to become male models after being scouted off the street. They are absolute opposites of each other. Tristan is happy-go-lucky and a flirt while Jones is more quiet and guarded. They have stuck together for so many years, they have formed a bond akin to brothers, and they are very protective to not allow anyone too close to them. They managed to get the apartment by fluttering their eyelashes at the landlord (how manipulative!) and they had hoped that their roommate would be easily persuaded to leave with the same technique.

And that is how the story starts!

But, I must make this clear, they are not the only characters I will writing about, as there are an indefinite amount of made up characters in  my head! These are just the main characters of my universe in You've Got Male Models (YGMM).

So I hope they amuse you as much as they amuse me!

(And here is something I wrote recently about them!)

"I'll have a heart attack the next time I see her, " Tristan jokes, clutching his chest with his free hand and rolling his eyes into his head. 
"Your heart is fine," she says, scooping a spoonful of rice and pausing to blow on it. "No palpitations or murmurs. Strong and healthy ventricular walls," she concludes, welcoming the cooled rice into her mouth. She chews thoughtfully, unaware of their shocked expressions.
Tristan snaps out of his shock first. "You've listened to my heart?" he asks incredulously.
She looks up and furrows her brow in confusion. "Yes," she states, unsure why it would be a concern. "And Jonesy. It is my job." She turns her attention to Jones who has abandoned his dinner to lean back and study her.
He catches her confusion and arched-eyebrow plea for clarification. His curiosity has been stirred so he delves, "We haven't gone in to get our hearts checked. When did you manage to give us a heart physical?"
She places her spoon carefully on the plate, bringing her napkin up from her lap to wipe the corners of her lips. She folds and tucks the napkin under the rim of her plate and leans forward, hands interlocked over her fried rice, regarding them as she would explaining to her patients at her office. "Tristan is prone to extended periods of cuddling that interfere with my routine and exempt me from functioning. In that state of idleness, I must find something else to mentally indulge in." She replaces her napkin on her lap and resumes eating her cooling dinner.
"So you check hearts when you're bored? While hugging?" Tristan asks dubious, though Chris lifts her head to nod. 
"Hugging in your case," she clarifies after a sip of water. 
"And in mine?"
She regards Jones, debating her next words. "You nap quite frequently," speaking slow and calculating each word.
"You were worried," Tristan exclaims, glad to conclude her intentions were purely with them in mind.
"Actually, I was curious." 
"Now," Tristan starts before Jones draws into himself, "you shouldn't have done that, Chrisy. Not without his consent." He waves his hands around himself in hopes of shooing the rising tension from the table.
Chris observes Jones' tensed jaw. "You're right. I apologize for violating your individual space." She bows her head solemnly in forgiveness and suddenly Jones feels embarrassed  She would not have done anything to violate him. She only listened to his heartbeat. She's a professional.
"Yeah, yeah, it's alright. I forgive you." 
Tristan beams, "Now that that's all cleared up, Chrisy," he purrs, head tilted to showcase his green eyes, "could we listen to your heart?"
Jones chuckles as Chris sputters as she sips the last of her water. She apologizes and composes herself. "I suppose," she finally answers. "I'll get my stethoscope." She gathers her dishes as she straightens, heading for the sink.
"We could always go at it by ear," Tristan suggests, chewing thoughtfully with a grin.
Chris dumps her dishes into the sink and turns on her heel towards the hallway. "I'll get my stethoscope," she repeats, disappearing to her room.
Jones looks down at his dinner, neglected and cold. He notices that Tristan has cleaned off his plate and is headed to load the dishwasher. Jones grumbles about being the last to finish and hurriedly scoops up his dinner, noting that although it is cold, she really knows how to cook. He finishes and loads his dishes before starting the cycle on the dishwasher. He joins them just as Tristan is attempting to convince Chris to strip out of her shirt so he can "hear better". 

- And yes, my humor does tend to gravitate towards perversion.


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