Monday, 26 November 2012

BTF: It's going to get better.

I know I need to get through the beginning of YGMM. It's pretty dry and boring, I know, but that is Chris. Chris hasn't got much of a personality; she's a blank slate, overprotected by others. She doesn't find herself familiar with other people and opts to work whole-heartily into her job, saving lives and learning about people from their medical records and by observation. 

Her interactions with Tristan and Jones will introduce her to the real world, though at this moment, Tristan and Jones are very guarded against Chris. She wasn't easily swayed by their charm as their landlord was, and I'll be doing their point of view on the situation when she arrives at the apartment, next. So watch out for that!

I am on my last week of classes right now before my final exams crush me with more stress than I'm suffering right now (writing is my outlet for stress, so this might be the only thing keeping me from having a stress-induced nervous breakdown. I've had one and it is not fun). I was on the run from my stress as I wrote the two stories yesterday (I was on a roll and I still have stories I didn't publish yet). I'm extremely happy with Where Our Demons Reside, that really expressed a story just aching to be let out. And maybe I'll elaborate about it later.

All those that read this (You!), I absolutely adore you for the time and I hope that there is something I write that brings a smile to your face (Cuz I bet it's a gorgeous face!). I await your comments and hope one day I'll have someone come back to my blog after a visit.
 That would be absolutely fabulous!  

Thank you again for the visit. Stop by again, please :)

Listening to: Halcyon by Ellie Goulding 
(She's essentially amazing. And it's definitely going to get better.)


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