Friday, 22 March 2013

I Conquer. (March 22, 2013)

This week, as posted on March 16th, has been uber hectic! I had so much to do. But it is safe to say that the first stretch of many weeks filled with stress, I have conquered! 

Huzzah! *powerful lunge with empowering fist to the sky*

I had completed an amazing volunteer log of 7.5 hours (!!!) straight at the Assisted Living home and, although I'm sore to the bone from running and standing and dancing, it was refreshing. I made old lady friends! And I (somehow) managed to capture the attention of some skippy-feeted men on the dance floor. I am a terrible dancer, but I might take a guess my enthusiastic charm enchanted them. 

I'm a scoundrel. Rawr! *smiles cheekily*

I totally conquered my presentation today, and holy drats, no excessive bouts of cussing! (Chalk one up for Mera!) Sure I was still visibly shaking in my cute western boots, but I said everything I had to, and that is one step I was aiming to achieve. 

And if you can't tell from the black typed letters, I am super happy :) As of recently, I have become more susceptible to bursts of smiles and impromptu dancing. Maybe it's the yoga. Maybe it's the spring weather (if random hail/rain/sunshine/snow every hour is considered spring..). Maybe I am just going senile and this is the last stretch before I hit the looney bin?

Who knows? I sure don't but I'm not going to complain :D 

This only calls for positive themes for writing! (Ain't that nice change from drama and darkness)

Well, I'm going to keep bubbly, (and post something for ya'll to read besides this!)
Mera <3


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