Sunday, 17 March 2013

An Update of My Life (March 16th, 2013)

Quite a bit has been plunked on my plate as of recently that I'd really would like to relieve. 

  • In addition to university, I've managed to maintain an active position at the Assisted Living Community Home I am volunteering at, and have already clocked in some hours. I'm learning how to dance from some of the folks, and myohmy! There is nothing like real dancing, and not the hip-hop krunk, booty-popping grind that is trending right now (although I am jealous that my brothers have acquired the skill of such feats...). No, real waltz and samba are magical, and these aging men really know how to sweep a lady off her feet! I just hope the art of real dancing never retires.
  • My father departed to Pakistan, his homeland, for his half-brother's funeral on our behalf, so for the next two weeks, because I am the oldest sibling (although it is argued that because I am the shortest of the three of us, rank should be determined by height. So that I would be the youngest.. Yeah, my brothers are real rascals.) and the only one who can uphold responsibility, I am in charge of my mum and brothers while he is away. It's just an extra load of worry and stress that I hope only lasts for two weeks, but I'm sure all the gifts he'll bring back will be worth it :P
  • My anxiety is extremely high right now because I have a presentation on Friday, and I really don't want to let my group down. I've been attempting to destress myself, but with yoga classes over, and a busy schedule, I've got to figure out ways to calm myself (and maybe fit in a run somewhere this week). 

I'm not going to hope for the best, just something passable right now.
I hope you are having a much better week than I am :)

With loads of smooches!


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