Sunday, 31 March 2013


JournalWord: Finding a mother.


He can see the opening though the thinning trees, and launches himself towards the meadow.
He lands past the last of the shrubs and finds himself situated on the edge of the tall waving grass.
His eyes scan the tops of the flickering greens for her bobbing blonde head as he desperately tries to find her.

And there she is.

She's in the middle of the grassy sea, under the tall oak tree that reins this waving ocean. When she sees him, her smile breaks over her lips and welcomes him. Her smile tells him that she has been awaiting his arrival just as he's been anxious to see her. Very slowly, her arms open in front of her, almost reaching towards him.

He stiffens at the foreign gesture and he shifts suddenly, swishing his head side to side in a scan. When his eyes lock back to hers, he begins to understand that the gesture doesn't signal an intruder.

"Lucin," her voice calls. Then it clicks.

She has opened her arms in the form of a hug. His breath catches in his throat. She wants to hug him. He has seen others receive them from outside of his windows, but has never received one himself.

He instantly dashes across the field, through the wall of grass and wildflowers, and nearly flies into her arms. He wraps his long arms around her tiny waist, surprised at how delicate women are. His hands close over each other in his tight grasp. He suddenly realizes that she is so tiny compared to him, and he almost pulls himself away in fear of crushing her.

Her arms wrap around him as well and she pulls him closer, dismissing his thoughts of letting go. He clutches to her like she will disappear right then and there.
He loves the feel of her minuscule body pressed up against him.
It feels so right.


I detest long weekends.
They are a trap, I swear!
I had a list of all the things I was going to get accomplished or start.
But nope, the four day weekend is all, like, "Naaahh, this can wait until Monday night. You should totally do this instead! It's not a waste of time or distracting at all!".
Yeah, this is def happening right now.

Oh well. 
This is what happens when your motto for life is "Just say yes".
Definitely screwed. 



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