Saturday, 23 March 2013


JournalWord: Fate


Red strings hang, waving from the ceiling like curtains swaying in the breeze invited by an open window. The girl treads through the red fibers, pushing them aside with her fingers as she weaves between the fluttering threads. Her fingertips strum the strings like a harp, but the only sound in the endless, white hall is the brush of her knees against the hem of the mint sundress she wears. 

She follows a path only seen by instinct, winding herself further down the hall on soft footsteps with only the sight of red all around her. As if struck by impulse, she shoots her hand through the wavering threads in a direction beyond her field of vision to an area by her peripheral. 

She runs her fingertips down the strand, slowly, teasingly stroking the gossamer tendril like a precious vein. Without hesitance, she sharply grasps the string in between her fingers and palm, and tugs it towards her. 

The string pulls loose from the ceiling and the end hanging close to the floor ravels around her ring finger and the other end pulls tight in the opposite direction. The end not tied to her leads off through the other strings like a path, elongating into the sea of red. 

Pausing, she waits, her eyes focused on the taunt string that disappears down the forever hall. A tremor suddenly travels down the string, like a call that pulses through the throng of threads. It's calling for her, just as she has searched for it. 

Before the strings tugs, her feet pick up into a run and she sweeps through the curtains, following the trail to her fate.


This short is inspired by Japanese fate, where love between two people is tied together with a red string.

This is one of my versions of love. 
This being, that I don't actually believe in love. 

(shoot at me Cupid, I dare you!)

It's kind of funny, considering I used to write a lot about love when I was younger, but what does a 13 year old girl know about love anyways?

So yeah, my friends try to prove me wrong, and I'm sure they can be right and believe what they like (I am very open to knowing everyone has their own mindset that I have no control over), but I'll stick to my original plan.

Which doesn't involve love.

And instead involves the possibility of a one night stand or, in the case I am deterred from Plan A by family and friends, artificial insemination via Folder-Boy (y'know, a dude chosen from a bunch of folders.. HarHar).

Maybe I've got too much science in this brain of mine, or I'm just neurotic. Who knows! But so far, that's the plan :P

I mean, who wouldn't love a gorgeous son (manufactured by chosen genes-Yay for eugenics!) by the name of Hexane??

Well, that's a tidbit from my mind :)
Hope it didn't freak you out too much ;P

Be bubbly,
Mera <3


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