Friday, 4 January 2013

Lost Pet

JournalWord: Murdering a microwave.


He slams open the cupboard doors, still ungratified by the crack of wood clattering onto the tile counter and the smacking it makes on the linoleum floor. He fingers the empty glass by the sink and swipes it to the floor with a sweep of his arm. He swipes at another glass, a small smile 
lifting his frown. He rips off another cupboard door from its hinges, then pulls the fridge door off with a spray of sparks.

"Find what you wanted, Riche?"

"Hardly." He doesn't even turn around and continues to kick the microwave he has just tossed to the floor.

Clement leans on the door frame, arms crossed over his chest, watching his friend brutally murder his microwave as if this scenario is a daily occurrence"Riche, what is it this time?" he tries again. 

"I'm looking for my pet," is the reply before Riche hefts the rest of the fridge over his shoulder and smashes it onto the demolished rubble that used to be his microwave.

"And have you found it yet, because, seriously. My kitchen is being severely destroyed and I'd rather you don't harm anymore of my household appliances."

Riche chooses not to answer, filling the unspoken reply with sure kicks into the gut of the toppled fridge.

"Riche," Clement starts, not wanting to play Riche's game. "You refuse to associate with human beings, let alone with animals. What is wrong?" 

There's a moment before Riche speaks. "My pet ran away and I'm looking for her."

"Riche," Clement warns. 

Riche turns his back away and crouches, examining the wires and other components spilling out of the gutted fridge. "I don't like pets," Riche mumbles. "They're so pure and innocent, and are so willing to open their hearts to humans without a sense of hesitation." Riche grasps a handful of colourful wires and rips them out of their sockets with a yank. "But this one 
is different. It has nothing to do with purity and innocence, and all that lovey crap others like her have."

"Then what is it?" Clement asks, startling Riche. Riche tenses and stands up, the bundle of wires still in his tight fist.

"She won't open her heart," he whispers. Riche lets go of the wires, and watches them fall lightly onto the chaos he created.


Oh! This is going to definitely be a busy semester! My class schedule is all over the place, with 6 hour breaks between classes and days that stretch from 8am to 10pm. I hope I don't burnout! 

I've also got an interview for a hospital volunteering position in the ER Information desk on Tuesday! So nervous! I need the hours for my requirements to BCIT, but I'm also excited to be volunteering again! Fingers crossed that I make a great impression >.<!!

Gonna keep positive!


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