Wednesday, 2 January 2013

BTF: So Far...

What a way to start the new year...
Feeling absolutely wretched with a cold that won't let me hold anything down.
Weakened by lack of sleep.
Stricken with crazy dreams (drug-trafficking empire in Costco??) induced by medication.
Bruises and muscle pain from tobogganing.
All around anxiety from starting up next semester.
Stress from having to complete the requirements for the BCIT Lab Tech. program by April.

Whoa. I'm a big ball of stress and pain.

And! Not to mention, my overall fear of change. (Hahaha, I'm everywhere right now.)

I'm at a low point at the moment, when I really should be optimistic and positive. I've got to find ways to boost my moral. (any suggestions?)

Hmm, maybe I'll try to reshape myself, with makeup and clothes... (damn, need money for that.)

Well, hopefully I figure something out (especially with uni and BCIT).

I've only got a few days before this holiday ends and reality tumbles onto my shoulders,


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