Sunday, 6 January 2013


JournalWord: "Because I need your strength."


The door to his dungeon slams the wall on two of it's hinges when it's kicked open. Renald strides in and covers the man with his cloak, holding it closed as he barks for his men to come in. 

Carefully, he instructs two of his men to scoop up the man covered in the cloak. "Be gentle! And keep him covered," he warns. He leads the men out of the dungeon, and past the drugged and wounded guards, taking a slow pace so the men don't jostle the man. 

Marching out of the prison, they close the gate after them before letting off soft whistles for their horses. Instantly, the rest of the army makes itself known, revealing themselves from the forest. 

"Status," General Breer commands, still put off from being instructed to not be part of the rescue.

Renald accepts his horse from a soldier. "Success," he says, then turns to the men still standing behind him. "Load him on my stallion."

It's a struggle to get him on the tall horse without touching any of his festering wounds, but they finally seat him on the beast. The man doesn't say a word in the whole process, but Renald suspects that the man is suffering. Renald quickly tucks and covers one of the man's mangled legs when it dangles in the cold, harsh fall wind.

"We'll tend to your wounds as soon as we get to Lions," Renald assures as he mounts his horse, mindful of the hunched man. There is no reply, so Renald calls out and the army starts their trek into the mountains.

"Why are you doing this?" he asks, his voice stronger than Renald thought it would be. 

"Because," he explains, snapping his reins to a gallop, "I need your strength."


Tomorrow is the beginning of a hellish semester, so forewarning is being detailed as I will not be updating regularly and I will be frequently spazzing and stressing. :D Bear with me, please, and I'm sure someone can relate to being busy. I'm highly doubtful that I'll be able to think up creative and interesting tales while I'm focused on all of my science-y courses (there's A LOT of biology and genetics. All the good stuff!), so drop me an idea that you've always wanted written. I'm curious, what do you want to read??

Much love!
Mera! <3


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