Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Green Devils

JournalWord: Vegetable torture.


She plunks the plate down in front of him with a soft clatter of ceramic plate to wooden table. She smiles, all soft and sweet, and he radiates under the warmth until he gazes down at his plate. His immediate response is to shove it away, but the plate only moves an inch. He trails his eyes from the hand positioned like a wall in front of his plate, up the arm to greet the deceiving curled lips. 

He narrows his eyes, peering at the slightly sinister edge of her lips and he fears that it has something to do with the dirty pair of boxers he had left on the bathroom floor earlier in the day. Gulping, he remembers that she always pays him back for his little domestic misdemeanors.

"What's wrong?" she asks sweetly, and if he hadn't noticed the malice hiding underneath he'd be pouncing on her and not cowering in the chair. "Aren't you going to look at what I made for you?"

He could say he has a stomachache, or that he has other plans and would not be able to have dinner with her tonight, but she'll call him out as a liar and he wouldn't make it very far before she walloped him. It'd be safer to just follow her suggestion and look.

"Oh, no. Nuh-uh. I'm not!"

The plate is loaded with vegetables. Towering with every green vegetable he can name. He doesn't really care for vegetables, especially the tiny little devils peeking from under the broccoli.

"Peas? Why does it have to be peas?" he pleads, discovering the bottom of the plate thickly bedded with peas.

Her smile hikes up into a smirk. "This is only the first course," she reassures, patting his cheek. "Now eat it all up."

He is never changing in the bathroom again.

I'm baaaaccckkk~!
My exams are over *Huzzah!* and now I've got time to spare for some creative fiction adventures!
(Join me in the bubbly cheer :D)

I'm working on something a tad bit long, and a tad bit naughty, so stay tuned ;P
This summer is going to, hopefully, be packed with stories (and maybe some of my adventures).

And to all of you who have been checking out my stories: THANK YOU AND I ADORE YOU! *smooches and hugs!*

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