Thursday, 22 January 2015


Pulling her skin off over her head like a sweater.

His hide slips from over his hips and down his knees. He walks out of them when they reach his ankles, tossing them aside in a crumpled mass behind him. 

She helps him take his upper half off after pulling him in for a kiss - before he loses his lips. 

Her teeth on the last of his skin. 

Standing bared to his bones, she smiles at him and kicks her feet. He grabs her toes and she clacks her jaw as he tugs her bottom half cleanly in one swift pull. 

In their bones, they touch ribs. 

Phalanges stroke tibias. 

Skulls tucked into collarbones.

- This is how I think. Welcome to a small slice of my mind. 

(This is a rough draft. Haven't put much effort into it or decided to work on it yet. Maybe later. Maybe not.)


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