Friday, 13 September 2013

Dreams That Come Alive

 What have I been up to, you ask?

A bloody lot, that's what.

I don't know what exactly has plagued me over the last week, but suddenly, every time I shut my eyes, I'm being barraged by vivid characters and their stories. 

Every night it's something new. Every night I'm flashing through a life that isn't my own and, instead rules a time different from the next.

  • A dystopian world where metal is murderous.
  • A girl who finds a life living in her amnesia.
  • Winning a war in a flash flood with bubblegum.
  • Sitting on a rock feeling majestic.
  • Boys as canines.
  • A mortician's daughter holds her own funeral.
  • ...and a whole lot more...

This is utterly fantastic (aside from the fact that my habit of sleeping in is becoming IMPOSSIBLE now). 

This is just ONE of my dreams, and I haven't even finished it...

Now I'm stuck with packs of pages of entirely different characters, as well as large blurbs (because I spent a majority of my morning purging my head so I don't forget) in my various journals and notepads, both paper and electronic.


I've spent a couple days, just writing. I mean, I skipped out on work just to write any comprendable* word I could snatch from the quickly fleeting dream throughout the day. It was an amazing experience, however not practical for my life right now. Never have I ever been so jealous as to wish for the easy, free-to-write-as-you-will, lifestyle of famous writers. 

My God, what have I become.

So now I definitely have to create my own character sheets, just to keep all these people intact and distinct. (So much I want to do, alas never enough time.. Hah! Writer problems :P)

Well, I'm going to go back to my growing pile of bodies.


*fairly sure that is not a word, as I am being told by the angry red squiggly line underneath it, but I am going to pretend that it is because it sounds interesting.


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