Thursday, 7 February 2013

Somebody's Secret

JournalWord: Angels kept hidden.


Once upon a could have been..

He is enticingly rich. He has the world at his fingertips; anything is possible for him. He gets his way. He is the world's contributor, a giver. He is everyone's beloved benefactor. They don't doubt who they see as perfect.

He has a hobby. Collecting rare, exotic, practically unattainable, birds. But having every bird just isn't enough. He just needs to have the most unattainable, and unreal.

The world doesn't know anything about his possessive and sadistic side.

His mansions stretch far across his lands, each mansion home to the eccentric birds he owns. People from all over the world are guests to visit his immense collection and are free to enter all of the mansions in sight.

That is, except for one. 

Smaller than all the others and the appearance, plain. But he was overly protective of this one, little cottage.

[Inside lies his greatest collection of birds that he will never allow anyone, besides himself, see. Steel cages line the walls, filled with magnificent bird-like creatures. Mutations with feathers; unique, beautiful creations.

An array of colors fill the rooms, melodic voices echo throughout the halls, like choirs of hymns seeping out of the walls.

Simply a heaven. His hidden utopia.

That is until the last door is reached, hidden far away from the rest of the splendid oak decor. Behind the numerous locks and scanners hides a dark room, curtained from light. 
Down a candle illuminated hallway, a door waits solemnly  A plain black door with a silver angel doorknob, back curves as it stretches to fly.

Entrance is achieved with only a swift, smooth turn of the spread wings, and a well furnished room, decorated with elegant dark feathers welcomes the invited.

In the center of the room is a large, curved couch facing a massive, opened, silver cage. And there, perched on her throne, shadowed by the dim-lit room is a heavenly being.
A true angel.

Porcelain skin that illuminates in the scarce light, glittering with an inner glow. Soft, pastel pink hair that frames her face and cascades past her shoulders in gentle gossamer waves, down to meet her waist. All she wears is a simple white, translucent shift that reaches her knees and flares out in a gentle puff.

Her chain bracelet winds down from her tiny wrists, the silver piling beside her seat on the mahogany floorboards, binding her to her chair. And behind her, emerging from between her shoulder blades, are two extraordinary, blinding white, wings. Swooping angelic wings with bright ivory feathers; the obsession of her master.

Her face is soft, ethereal, and heart-shaped. Her expressionless mouth is set in straight in a pout framed by plump pink buds. Her face may seem calm and concentrated, but her eyes are captivating and speak of intensity. Her penetrating, sad, beryl-green irises searches souls, holding breathes with a glance.

She is her master's secret. Her master's treasure. And nobody is to know about it.]


Midterms have crashed onto me, and from here on to the rest of the semester, it's going to be a ride. I'm so busy, I haven't had the time to even think about writing anything! But ideas have been popping in bursts throughout my study sessions (-.-') so I've written them down to take note of them so I can revisit them later when I have the time. 

And I have to say, working to improve my writing is not really happening right now, especially if I'm not able to write. How frustrating...

So, I promise that when I do have the time (in May!), I will definitely crack open myself and fix this mess I've left behind (because surely, something must be done with Fool's Paradise and YGMM. They did not come out like I had in mind...).

So, hopefully I can get through this semester and conquer all my issues! It's a crunch right now with application deadlines, midterms, and volunteer jumbling! (BTW, I accomplished a main task on my list: getting my Level 1 in CPR-C and AED! I can properly save/call for help now! But boy, there were some very interesting characters in my class... Haha :P)

I'm going to stay positive (I mean, why not?) and keep on working towards my goals (!!!), so any support is appreciated. And feel free to drop me any thoughts and ideas that come to mind. Or questions! I'm quite open, just spark a convo and I definitely will reply >.<!!

And yes, I have a fascination with experimental angels. 

Be Great!


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