Friday, 22 November 2013

I'm learning a lot about myself and those that are important to me during these busy times.

Just a tiny subtle slice of a recent thought through a memorable life-shaking reassurance.


It's ten after two AM and I've caught the first snowflake of the season that has reached the valley.

If I hadn't watched it's silent decent onto my fingertip, I wouldn't have known it arrived. It left a fleeting kiss before it disappeared, and I'm certain I won't remember it. 

"Uncle! It's snowing!" And suddenly I'm nine years old and pointing out the obvious.

He smiles and shakes his head, and I know he's tired from working this late with me. "Now get on your way home," he urges, resting his crossed arms on the railing as I trudge towards my car. 

Its companions haven't even started to stick but I feel absolutely glorious under the streetlamps and vortex of cascading snow. They dance provocatively slow through the night sky, reflecting like faint stars.

He doesn't go back inside until my headlights are on and I've pulled out of his driveway. So this is why gentlemen are treasured, I remind myself. Something so small makes me feel so special.

My mind is still on overdrive and the world is so much brighter at night. I question whether it's just my contacts on fatigued eyes. Sometimes the lights glow mightier against a weaker vision.

I've learned so much during these late hours, possibly induced by the lack of sleep, but important in their reassurance. All these secrets are now open and I'm touched by being the recipient of this rare information. 

Confessions are relieving, not just to those that confess, but for those that listen, and I'm glad I could participate in both. 

The streets are so clear, not a car in sight, not a man or bike. All the lights are green on the main road and I feather the pedal excitedly.

Tonight is my night, this is my decision and I feel tremendously blessed.



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